Sunday, 24 October 2010

Christmas and New Year

We still have availability for both Christmas and New Year - which is amazing - they are always gone by now - I have even known New Year to go in January!!!!!!

Xmas is running from 22nd December to 29th December and is now reduced from £725 to £695

New Year is running from the 29th December to 5th January and is reduced to £725

Wester Lix in the Snow

The Farm House decorated for Xmas and New Year
 Jonna's Cottage decorated for Xmas and New Year

Various Snowy pictures at Wester Lix . . . NB despite the heavy snow last year we managed to keep our track open and all the surrounding roads were kept well ploughed and gritted - much to many people's disappointment cos they wanted to get snowed in :)

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Latest Availability

Another beautiful misty morning here and if it is like yesterday all set to turn into a beautiful sunny day - don't you just love this time of year. I just couldn't resist going out with the camera there were bejeweled spider's webs everywhere.


Amazingly we still have the 23rd of October available in both Jonna's Cottage and The Farm House reduced from £625 to £525. NB THIS WEEK HAS NOW GONE IN BOTH COTTAGES

Even more amazingly we still have both the Xmas week and the New Year week available in both cottages. So if you want to come and spend Christmas, or New Year with us then have a look at our website and send me an email on, or give me a ring.

We also have availability in November and December and are doing short breaks at this time of year.

Photography courses for all abilities also available you can have from just a couple of hours to a full day - courses tailor-made to suit you.

Here is a small selection of the webs I took.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

Perthshire Open Studios ON NOW

PERTHSHIRE OPEN STUDIOS 11th - 19th September - we are number 88 and on the red route

Visit from Forth Valley Open Studios 

Yesterday at Wester Lix we had a visit from some of the Forth Valley Open Studios committee  . . . here they are with myself and Dave and Rob Mulholland's brilliant stainless steel 'mirror' man.

Below is another picture with Dave and our very special guest

Pictures courtesy of Ann Shaw and taken on her iPhone.

As you can see the weather is fantastic - so go on if you are in Central Scotland come and visit us on the red route number 88.
PLUS the first person through the doors saying they have come here as a result of Twitter, Facebook, or Blogger gets a unique giclee print


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Autumn Availability

jonna's Cottage is booked until the end of October. But has availability in November and December.

The Farm House surprisingly has some availability in September and October as well as November and December.

Both cottages are ideal for the colder weather being snug and Cody with an open fire in The Farm House and a log burner in Jonna's Cottage PLUS all your heating costs are included in the price . . No expensive electric radiators on a greedy coin meter. The heating is oil fired boilers with radiators in every room and you have control of the temperature. We also supply you with logs and coal at no extra cost and we fill up your electricity meter for you. So come and be snug and Cody with us this Winter.

Plus we still have vacancies for Xmas and New Year . . . Last year we had glorious crisp snowy days throughout Xmas and the New Year . . . We managed to keep our track open and in Scotland we know how to keep snowy main roads open . . . Both cottages will have Xmas trees and be festive . . . So see you then.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Last Minute Availability and Discounts

Bookings this year for the first time ever have been a bit slow for July so we have some availability still . . . and for August we have a cancellation. Read on.

Availability Jonna's Self Catering Cottage Perthshire Scotland

10th - 21st July - we will consider a short break during this time. Short breaks £300. Discount price for the week £625 (was £725)

We also have a cancellation In Jonna's Cottage for August . . . . 21st August to 28th August at the reduced price of £625 plus availability from the 28th August to the 4th September.

NB The week the 21st to 28th August has now been sold. 

The Farm House Self Catering Scotland Perthshire Scotland

Late availability 10th July to 31st July at the reduced price of £625 plus availability from the 21st August to 28th August and the 28th to the 4th September.

Have a look at for details of the cottages and pictures.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Roller Coaster Ride

Well there is never a dull moment at Wester Lix. We moved up here eleven years ago this month - although we had actually bought the place in the May, but had to wait for the children to finish school . . . children . . .  yes they were children back then . . .

On Friday 25th June we were very proud to watch our son Jamie graduate from Heriot Watt University with an Honours Degree in Robotics and Cybernetics . . . 

But no time to draw breathe and reflect on our son's achievement. On the Sunday we picked up our daughter Katie from Dundee - said goodbye to her boyfriend who was heading off to London with his parents, picked Jamie up from Dundee station and then headed home for two days together before Katie flew out to Australia . . .

Yes Australia - her boyfriend was going on a different flight from London (long story - they booked at different times  . . .) and they would be meeting in Sydney sometime on Thursday . . . wow roller coaster, or what!

So Tuesday afternoon saw us waving goodbye to our beautiful daughter knowing that we probably wouldn't be seeing her for a couple of years . . . oh yes I cried . . . couldn't stop myself . . . The flights all went ok and they met up in Sydney with no problem. We had a horrible, horrible day on Friday though with Katie's bank account locked and her also her boyfriend's account locked and them running rapidly out of money - poor love phoned us in tears at what was 4.30 in the morning their time  -  really worried and scared - they had enough money for the hostel up to Saturday night and then nothing . . . Mum and Dad to the rescue after lots of frustrating phone calls to the bank and finally getting Katie the right number to talk to the bank herself . . .  but lesson learned - when you go abroad  . . . let your bank know you are going . . . and don't rely on pay-as-you-go phones  . . . yes it will be cheaper for them in the long run - but with no access to money and no way of topping up the phone they would have been in real trouble - fortunately Katie also had her contract phone which saved the day . . . I had cancelled it, but it wasn't due to run out until 15th July - I am wondering now whether to just quietly keep it going.

So here is a picture of us all together at the graduation . . . I hated my picture thinking gawd I look so mumsy . . . but then again that is what I am a MUM and very proud of it.

Well done to you both - very very proud of you.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Camouflage for Sale!!!!!

Guess what I won my category of Wildlife in the Garden in the International Garden Photographer of the Year Competition . . . this was over a month ago now - but still pretty proud of my achievement . . .

So anyway I have been asked by various people if prints of my picture of the Chaffinch in the Sycamore Tree are for sale . . .

And the answer is yes . . .

Prints will be in two sizes (all in cm)

Larger mount size will be 40x50 with a picture size (mount window) of 27x31

Smaller mount size will be 21x30 (A4) with a picture size (mount window) of 15x17

Both mounts will fit into standard frame sizes . . . or of course we can frame the picture for you.

The large ones will be Giclee prints - smaller one will be on archival matte paper - both sizes will be signed.

Larger one £25 inc p&p

Smaller one £10 inc p&p

Larger Prints can be ordered mounted, framed, or unframed . . .

So email me on or give me a ring on 01567820990

Camouflage and indeed all our work including Dave's newly released 'Dancers' and my Scottish Wild Grasses can be seen at the Forth Valley Open Studios event and we will be keeping our studio open until after Perthshire Open Studio in September.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Blog

Well this might be a new blog - but I am certainly not a new blogger . . . being one of the founder members along with Dave and Heather of Purplecoo and also I have my own blogs see my profile of which this is now one . . .

So who are we . . . Wester Lix of course . . . er who . . . ? Well go and have a quick look here, or even a long look at our WEBSITE . . . waits . . . drums fingers . . .

Ah you're back so what did you think . . . not bad . . eh . . . so you can come and stay with us in our brilliant cottages in our beautiful setting . . . and you can take our photography courses - either whilst you are here, or just as a day visitor and finally you can visit our Art Studios currently open for Forth Valley Open Studios and it is going ok . . . we have had over twenty visitors and made sales . . . but as we are right on the outskirts of the route . . .

So what do we do in our Studios . . . Dave and I are both Fine Art Photographers this is our framing and printing WEBSITE and also in the process of up-grading our own personal websites. We are both Associate Members of the Royal Photographic Society - Dave passed his panel in Visual Arts and I passed mine in Contemporary Arts. Dave is now working towards his Fellowship . . . I am having a rest having gone from Licentiateship to Associateship in seven months. I have also won the Wildlife in the Garden Category in IGPOTY

So there you are plenty to see and do here - so whether as a passing visitor, or a guests . . . come and see us . . . we won't bite . . .

Bernie and Heather are painters and Heather is also a potter . . . and oh so much more - you will just have to come and see what we do.