Tuesday, 15 June 2010

New Blog

Well this might be a new blog - but I am certainly not a new blogger . . . being one of the founder members along with Dave and Heather of Purplecoo and also I have my own blogs see my profile of which this is now one . . .

So who are we . . . Wester Lix of course . . . er who . . . ? Well go and have a quick look here, or even a long look at our WEBSITE . . . waits . . . drums fingers . . .

Ah you're back so what did you think . . . not bad . . eh . . . so you can come and stay with us in our brilliant cottages in our beautiful setting . . . and you can take our photography courses - either whilst you are here, or just as a day visitor and finally you can visit our Art Studios currently open for Forth Valley Open Studios and it is going ok . . . we have had over twenty visitors and made sales . . . but as we are right on the outskirts of the route . . .

So what do we do in our Studios . . . Dave and I are both Fine Art Photographers this is our framing and printing WEBSITE and also in the process of up-grading our own personal websites. We are both Associate Members of the Royal Photographic Society - Dave passed his panel in Visual Arts and I passed mine in Contemporary Arts. Dave is now working towards his Fellowship . . . I am having a rest having gone from Licentiateship to Associateship in seven months. I have also won the Wildlife in the Garden Category in IGPOTY

So there you are plenty to see and do here - so whether as a passing visitor, or a guests . . . come and see us . . . we won't bite . . .

Bernie and Heather are painters and Heather is also a potter . . . and oh so much more - you will just have to come and see what we do.


  1. I posted a comment here but it seems to have gone..
    What I said was go and have a lovely time and I can guarantee you will not want to go home!

  2. Well, a new format for a "key artistic community" in Scotland. Well done! Hope you have lots of fun.

  3. What a lovely place... sigh. It all looks amazing. Congratulations.

    (She may not bite but she's a good person to have around if someone needs a poke in the eye!)

  4. We're at the other side of the trails - I have had only one person who has visited because they knew of Forth Valley Open Studios - everyone esle - about 50 people - has come via my blog/Facebook/Twitter.
    Shows the power of the Internet and also how you really have to do a LOT of publicity to get an Open Studios scheme working.
    We are at the edge as I say, but no-one round here has heard of it at all - If I'd known there was little local publicuty, I would have made my own posters.
    I hope that it is going well.
    Lovely to see you blogging here;
    J x

  5. I will definitely Posie x get there for a visit at some point