Sunday, 24 October 2010

Christmas and New Year

We still have availability for both Christmas and New Year - which is amazing - they are always gone by now - I have even known New Year to go in January!!!!!!

Xmas is running from 22nd December to 29th December and is now reduced from £725 to £695

New Year is running from the 29th December to 5th January and is reduced to £725

Wester Lix in the Snow

The Farm House decorated for Xmas and New Year
 Jonna's Cottage decorated for Xmas and New Year

Various Snowy pictures at Wester Lix . . . NB despite the heavy snow last year we managed to keep our track open and all the surrounding roads were kept well ploughed and gritted - much to many people's disappointment cos they wanted to get snowed in :)

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